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Turn your photos into captivating cartoons with ToonCrafter AI. Our advanced AI technology ensures unique, high-quality cartoon transformations every time.

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How ToonCrafter AI Works

Embrace the AI-driven magic of ToonCrafter AI for seamless cartoon interpolation.


Choose Your Frames: Begin by selecting two key images that will anchor your animation sequence, defining the start and end points of your visual narrative.


Craft Your Vision: Input a descriptive prompt to guide ToonCrafter AI in generating a personalized cartoon that aligns with your artistic vision.


Watch Your Creation Come to Life: With ToonCrafter's AI capabilities, your cartoon video will be ready in no time. Download it and share your unique creation to garner praise and admiration.

Showcases of ToonCrafter AI

Explore the incredible creations made possible by ToonCrafter AI

Input starting frame

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Generated video

Input starting frame

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Generated video

Input starting frame

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Generated video

Input starting frame

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Generated video

Introdutcion Video about ToonCrafter AI

Creative Uses for ToonCrafter AI

ToonCrafter AI offers a wide range of applications for your creative projects:

Sketch Interpolation

Utilize ToonCrafter AI to create fluid transitions between various cartoon sketches.

Sketch Colorization

Apply reference images to accurately colorize your sketches with the help of ToonCrafter AI.

Sketch-Guided Gen

Use ToonCrafter AI to guide animations with sparse sketches, giving you enhanced control over the final result.

User Testimonials for ToonCrafter AI

  • "ToonCrafter AI is a game-changer for creating cartoons. It's so intuitive and the results are just fantastic!"

    John Doe

    Animation Enthusiast

  • "ToonCrafter AI made my animation dreams come true. It's incredibly user-friendly and the output is top-notch."

    Jane Smith

    Independent Animator

  • "ToonCrafter AI has revolutionized my animation workflow. The ease of use and quality of the animations are unmatched."

    Alex Johnson

    Creative Director

  • "ToonCrafter AI has taken my storytelling to a whole new level. The personalized cartoons are simply amazing!"

    Linda Chen

    Content Creator

  • "I'm blown away by the AI capabilities of ToonCrafter. It's like having a professional animator at my fingertips."

    Mark Thompson

    Video Producer

  • "ToonCrafter AI has made animation accessible to everyone. The process is seamless and the outcome is always delightful."

    Sophia Lee


FAQ about ToonCrafter AI

What is ToonCrafter AI?

ToonCrafter AI is an innovative generative cartoon interpolation tool that utilizes pre-trained image-to-video diffusion models to seamlessly interpolate between two cartoon images, creating a fluid visual narrative.

Who is behind the creation of ToonCrafter AI?

ToonCrafter AI was developed by a collaborative effort from researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and Tencent AI Lab, including Jinbo Xing, Hanyuan Liu, Menghan Xia, Yong Zhang, Xintao Wang, Ying Shan, and Tien-Tsin Wong.

What kind of applications can ToonCrafter AI be used for?

ToonCrafter AI is designed for various applications such as cartoon sketch interpolation, reference-based sketch colorization, and sparse sketch-guided generation.

Are there any limitations I should be aware of when using ToonCrafter AI?

While powerful, ToonCrafter AI may sometimes struggle with semantically understanding image contents, which could lead to incorrect motion generation in certain scenarios. As an open-source research tool, it may not cater to all commercial needs.

How do I get started with setting up ToonCrafter AI?

Setting up ToonCrafter AI involves using Anaconda to create a virtual environment and installing the necessary packages as outlined in the requirements.txt file. Comprehensive setup guides are provided on the GitHub repository.

Where can I find more detailed information about ToonCrafter AI?

For more in-depth information, visit ToonCrafter AIproject pageand itsGitHub repositoryfor technical documentation, updates, and community discussions.

Is ToonCrafter AI open-source software?

Yes, ToonCrafter AI is open-source and is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license, allowing for broad access and contribution to the project.

What resolution and performance can I expect from ToonCrafter AI?

ToonCrafter AI is capable of generating videos with a resolution of up to 512x320 and 16 frames. The inference time can be optimized by adjusting the number of DDIM steps.

How can I run ToonCrafter AI on my local machine?

To run ToonCrafter AI locally, download the pre-trained model, place it in the specified directory, and execute the provided scripts or utilize the Gradio demo application. Detailed instructions are available on the GitHub repository.

Is there a user community for ToonCrafter AI where I can ask questions and share ideas?

Yes, the ToonCrafter AI GitHub repository serves as a hub for the community where users can ask questions, share ideas, and contribute to the project's development.

How can I contribute to the ToonCrafter project?

To contribute to ToonCrafter AI, you can submit pull requests, report issues, or participate in discussions on the project's GitHub repository.

Is there a demo or trial version of ToonCrafter AI available?

ToonCrafter AI offers a Gradio demo application that allows users to experiment with the tool without the need for local installation.

What kind of system requirements does ToonCrafter have?

ToonCrafter requires a system capable of running Anaconda and the specified Python packages. Detailed system requirements are listed in the GitHub repository.

Can ToonCrafter be integrated into other software or workflows?

ToonCrafter's open-source nature allows for integration with other software and workflows, subject to compatibility and the technical expertise to implement such integrations.

How does ToonCrafter handle updates and new features?

ToonCrafter is continuously updated with new features and improvements. Users can stay informed about updates by following the project's GitHub repository or joining the community discussions.